Esha here. You are probably wondering what in the entire world ‘ALWAT’ is. Well, let me explain it to you. ALWAT stands for – A Life without ANY Technology. I was just thinking the other day, what would life be like without Technology? First of all, this Blog Post wouldn’t exist. Let alone, this Blog. Well, what I want you to do, is think about how your life would be without Technology. Would it make a GIGANTIC impact or not at all? For me, I would be horrendified (if that’s even a word) because my life IS technology! No phones, no iPod, no Computers, no Televisions and more. Right now, I sit staring at them all… If they were to vanish, this Blog Post would never be posted! HOW SAD! 🙁

Well, how would life without Technology be for YOU?

Esha (on behalf of Tara and Alysha)


Hi Peeps,

This is the EAT ATE TEA Crew!!!

These are some pictures of our favourite movies: (The names in brackets are who likes the movie)


BRIDE WARS (Tara and Alysha)

Hugo Cabret (Esha)

Dolphin Tale (Esha)

The Lorax (all of us)

Hotel Transylvania (All of us)

All the Harry Potter movies (All of us)




Wreck it ralph (all of us)

And that is about it


Animal, Colour, Movie…

Hello everyone,

Esha here again. I have decided to write another Post. This Post is about ‘Animals, Colours and Movies’ like the title says. So, what I want you to do, is tell us here at the EAT ATE TEA Crew, in a comment, what your favourite animal, colour and movie is. If you have more than one, tell all of them to us. Here are ours:

Esha – 

Animal (s): Dolphins, Dogs and Pandas

Colour (s): Green, Purple and Blue

Movie (s): The Harry Potter Series, Dolphin Tale and Hugo. 

Alysha – 

Animal (s):  Dolphins, Dogs, Pandas and Koalas

Colour (s): Blue, Purple, Rainbow, Red and Green.

Movie (s): Hotel Transylvania

Tara –

Animal (s): Dogs, Pandas and Meerkats

Colour (s): Green, Pink and Blue

Movie (s): The Harry Potter Series

Well, what about you?

Esha (on behalf of Tara and Alysha) 


Welcome to the EAT ATE TEA Blog!

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the EAT ATE TEA Blog! First of all, let me get this straight out – this Blog has absolutely NOTHING to do with eating, things that have been eaten or tea. Those are just words made up of the first letter of our names. By our, I mean – Tara, Esha and Alysha. Right now, I (Esha) am writing this Post. Tara and Alysha are twins, and they are my cousins. EAT ATE TEA stands for –

EAT: Esha, Alysha, Tara.

ATE: Alysha, Tara, Esha.

TEA: Tara, Esha, Alysha.

Anyway, on this Blog, we will Post about all sorts of things! So, keep visiting – please!  I’m sure Tara and Alysha, as well as me, have a lot to write about and I am certain they are raring to get Blogging, because I know I am. Though, it’s not my first time Blogging, as I have my own personal Blog. Here is the link: This and That.

Well, I hope you can keep checking out our awesome Blog!

Stay Tuned, 

Esha (on behalf of Tara and Alysha)